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We have provided training on a variety of topics, including those listed below:

  • Strategic crime control
  • Criminal investigations
  • Crime analysis
  • Intelligence analysis
  • Crime prevention
  • Community policing
  • Problem-oriented policing
  • Addressing gang & gun violence

We specialize in offering tailored training courses that meet the unique needs of our clients. While much of our curricula have already been developed, we embrace the need for agencies to offer current training that is customized to local circumstances. In most instances the training takes place in a classroom setting, but we also sometimes offer field training or combinations of classroom and field training.


We draw on a pool of expert trainers with whom we have developed an ongoing relationship. After every training course, we carry out student evaluations of the instructor and the course. We use this student feedback to improve our curricula and ensure that we continue to select the very best instructors.

Our trainers are leading experts in their fields: cutting-edge social scientists, seasoned criminal justice professionals, and experienced attorneys with various specialties.

We particularly enjoy providing multidisciplinary training in which we pair up instructors with different backgrounds and forms of expertise to co-teach courses together.


We typically offer courses onsite to an agency or a set of agencies. We also have significant international experience and have offered courses throughout the world.