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Sometimes training alone is not enough. Agencies can benefit from onsite coaching or technical assistance on a variety of issues. Our team of experts can provide various forms of technical assistance ranging from brief or periodic onsite assessment and coaching to implanting experts full-time in your agency.

We have the flexibility and creativity to work closely with clients in designing a customized technical assistance package that meets your needs.

  • We identified the need for a repeat offender unit in a police agency to identify, arrest, and prosecute active shooters responsible for repeated acts of gang-related violence. We placed a retired gang investigator from another jurisdiction in the unit for one year to serve as an onsite coach.
  • We worked closely with a police agency to establish a crime analysis unit. We provided visiting teams of experts to assist in selecting staff for the unit, establishing policies and procedures, acquiring equipment and technology, strategic planning, and improving the unit's technical skills and professional capacity.