March 12, 2010 - Institute for Strategic Crime Control Graduation

The Institute for Strategic Crime Control was launched in late 2009 as the product of the longstanding collaboration between the CJA team and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS). When foreign trainers visit police agencies to provide brief training sessions, they often have little understanding of the actual environments in which the participants are working. It is common for participants to take a course, obtain a certificate, and then revert quickly back to their normal practices without drawing on the training.  The Institute was designed to avoid this common scanario.

The Institute provided participants with practical skills useful in strategic crime control projects. The courses were part of a larger operational project in which the participants learned new skills in the classroom and then practiced, refined, and implemented those skills in the field. The goal of the Institute was to provide training on a mix of basic police skills and then apply those skills toward a specific problem. During this first session of the Institute, the selected problem type was gun violence.

The Institute was designed in concert with TTPS officials in late 2009 and the first of four courses was offered in January 2010.  To graduate, participants needed to attend and meet the requirements of each course: 33 participants attended one or more courses, but only 19 graduated at the conclusion of the Institute in March 2010. The Institute purposely trained officers from several units and divisions, encouraging them to work together to address the crime problem in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Institute's four courses included: (1) Vehicle and Pedestrian Stops and Searches, (2) Effective Documentation & Report Writing, (3) Surveillance and Intelligence, and (4) Interview and Interrogations.  All courses included a mix of classroom-based training, simulation exercises, and field-based coaching. The classroom training and simulation exercises were provided by experienced outside instructors with distinguished careers in law enforcement. The field-based coaching was provided by the Director of the Institute, Dan Saban, a former SWAT officer and gang unit commander in Mesa (AZ) and police chief in Buckeye (AZ). Mr. Saban served as an onsite coach for two months, working closely with participants in the classroom and in the field.

Participants who successfully completed all requirements attended a formal graduation ceremony on March 12, 2010.  Special awards were given to participants who consistently exhibited a high-level of performance both in the classroom and in the field.

  • View the comments made by Minister of National Security Martin Joseph at the Institute's graduation ceremony here.
  • Below is a picture of the challenge coin awarded to graduates of the Institute.

Brief Description

CJA completes the first session of its Institute for Strategic Crime Control with officers from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.