August 21, 2010 - CJA completes Violence Prevention Academy

CJA and its partners at Arizona State University and Sam Houston State University complete the first session of the Trinidad and Tobago Violence Prevention Academy (VPA).  The VPA is an innovative, research-based program for reducing school violence.  It was  developed by researchers at the Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety at Arizona State University.  

The VPA trains administrators, teachers, and school security/police officers to develop comprehensive, integrated and evidence-based violence prevention plans tailored to the needs of participating schools. Using a combination of face-to-face and online learning, the training program enhances the skills of violence prevention specialists within schools. 

The goal is to provide school officials with the skills to analyze the unique violence and crime problems within individual schools, to assess the existing capacity for violence prevention within those schools, and to establish tailored violence prevention plans.  The schools then implement and test those plans.  The VPA is designed to serve the needs of the working professional.

Officials from 25 schools participated in the first session of the Trinidad and Tobago VPA.  See below for related news coverage:

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Brief Description

CJA and partners complete the first session of the Trinidad and Tobago Violence Prevention Academy, an innovative program for reducing school violence, with officials from 25 schools.